Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Underground Football Training

Check out this video compilation of some high rep training for our Underground Football crew.

The high reps are an excellent way to stimulate muscle growth when taken to sub max and maximal exertion, very similar to how bodybuilders train.


the high reps and light weights can be used to help recuperation, give the mind and body a break from heavy loads as well as improving muscular endurance.

After a few weeks of intense, heavy training, our Football crew expressed their need to back off a bit, but when they trained lower body today, some of the guys decided to up the ante a bit with the trap bar deadlifts.

Still, you'll see that these guys had more in the tank, even after performing 15 or 23 reps with 315 lbs.

Stronger athletes always have a great carry over to high rep training. More strength gives the muscles the ability to be more efficient, and so moving a weight for higher reps is easier for a stronger athlete than it is for a weaker athlete.

What else does high reps do for an athlete?

It develops mental toughness.

Moving heavy weight for low reps takes guts and raw intensity. But, squatting for 30 - 50 reps with a weight on your back or a sandbag cna be brutal and excruciating. Most will want to quit half way through, others will learn to dig deep and find a way to finish the set.

Some clips we missed were the high rep dumbbell benches where our guys performed sets of 20 - 30 reps using 50 and 60 lb dumbbells.

For the most part, repetitions were approximately 20 reps per movement, sometimes up to 30 and sometimes 15.

See what you can learn form this Underground video and apply to your own training!

Until the next time,

train smart & train hard!

Dedicated to your success,

Zach Even - Esh

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


My first ever book was The Gladiator Training Manual. It was a huge hit, and combat athletes around the world were eating it up like no tomorrow! It was barely over 100 pages at the time.
I still get e mails about it today from warriors around the world. This e book has been upgraded to the 1,000,000th degree, and is now The Ultimate Underground Strength Kit.

I was always heavily influenced by the Gladiators and Warriors from centuries ago. They were built rugged, with lean bodies, and they were tough as hell.

I knew that getting to their level of fitness and mental toughness would take much more than the traditional training I was used to doing in the gym. I also knew that if I wanted to give my athletes the best training, I was gonna have to take everything to a whole new level.
It has worked every time without fail. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you'll see that all 5 our wrestlers qualified for the states this year, no small feat in of itself, especially here in NJ where many of the top wrestlers in the country are coming from!
We've got football players coming here on a regular basis now because they know that football is combat, and if they plan to crush their opponents the want the edge that other guys don't have.
We even had a Football coach revamp his entire strength and conditioning program at his high school, the next year his team only had 1 loss and racked up 10 victories!
They made sandbags, cut logs, got tires for flipping and dragging and utilized the combative bodyweight drills to get his kids tougher, imrpove hand speed, learn how to become more efficient with hand to hand combat and skyrocket their confidence.
Today, I'll be heading to one of the top wrestling clubs in NJ to take the high school wrestlers through a combative workout utilizing bodyweight drills with and without partners. There is absolutely no equipment at this club but the workouts we get are phenomenal.
Do you need equipment to get in an awesome workout that builds Spartan muscle, lightning fast speed and brute strength? No, you can get it done with combative bodyweight drills.
Does using resistance help? You bet it does, especially when you're flipping tires, snatching, pressing and squatting sandbags, climbing rope and lifting stones. The carry over to combat sports, confidence and improving your physical appearance is downright freaky!
Now that Spring is around the corner, you'll want to discover the secrets of Gladiators, Warriors and Spartans. But, you better be mentally prepared.
This is tough training and there are no two ways about it or around it. Be ready to work like never before but also be ready to transform yourself like never before!
Are you ready?
I think you are.....
all you have to do is take the next step....
Dedicated to your success,
Zach Even - Esh
PS - What started out as a little gig training one wrestler has now become a world wide phenomenon. Who woulda thought? Certainly not me!
PPS - But back in the day, I didn't have the powerful imagination I have today. I always imagine greatness. I say why settle for anything less?