Friday, January 04, 2008

The Combat Complex Video

Many people have asked me about my "Combat Complex" w/Kettlebells.

Below is that video, used with a 70 LB Kettlebell.

Here's the Combat Complex in Detail:

1. 1 arm snatch x 5

2. 1 arm clean & press x 5

3. 2 hand squat x 10

4. 2 hand lunge x 5 each

5. 1 arm high pull x 5

6. 1 arm row x 5

7. 2 hand swing x 10

This is a brutal complex!

Start light and build up in weight.

Good luck, this is a toughy but more than physical readiness it requires mental toughness.

There is NO Quitting!

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Stay strong!


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

This Guy's Secret: Commercial Fitness

You may or may not know who this "guy" is, depends on your age.

Those of you who do know this man, you know just how deadly he was on the Football Field.

What he says here is a BIG reason why:

Too many people want to try to lift weights first, use olympic lifts, etc - 99 % of the time people are NOT ready to touch weights.

All of our athletes start off with what Herschel is talking about, plus some select few sled and farmer walk variations with different implements.

One of the Manuals in The Underground Strength Kit is dedicated to tons of bodyweight movements that can be performed with a partner.

The manual is the 'Ultimate Guide to No Rules Training' - it's part of the entire kit.

If you train in groups or with a team, you need to have this manual so you can use this arsenal of exercises to develop the raw power that eludes so many men today!

I love the idea of cranking out push ups, pull ups and squats during TV commercials. I have been advising this for years, good to see I'm in good company with my advice, don't you agree :)

Till the next time,

stay strong!


P.S. - The Underground Kit comes in 2 variations. A hard copy and an e book version.

You can save about $ 80 with the e book version, but for some of you, you may prefer the ease of carrying your books around plus, the hard copy comes with a DVD - The Underground Guide to Sled Training (I filmed this bad boy on a hot, humid day of 100 degrees!)

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

THE Critical Video You Must Watch

Watch carefully, the backyard gym Wanderlei had set up seems more efefctive than the craziness in the Xyience Center. Still, his intensity was super high.

Now, Chuck uses the same Ancient Training Methods Wanderlei used back in Brazil.

I have seen a different UFC All Access where Chuck gets trained by John Hackelman in his backyard, where tire flipping took places, sledge hammer work, wheel barrow runs, hill sprints and more were happening.
Back when I first created Ancient Training Methods the DVD, I sent it to John Hackelman, that's a wild story all in itself, let me tell you :)
This "backyard" training is similar to when Clubber Lang trained in his basement in Rocky III, and then we saw Rocky training out in junk yards using sledge hammers. Is this all for show, or does it work?
Look at the success of our athletes and those around the world who have used Ancient Training Methods, you'll see for yourself soon enough, this stuff works, and it works BIG Time.
Kick ass in 08'!
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Log Training for Speed, Power and Agility!

Lots of people are missing out by training with traditional only methods.

You MUST get yourself and / or your athletes out training with or in the elements.

I will never forget the words people were sending me after they started training with the methods found in our Ancient Training Methods Kit.

You'll see ALL the testimonials when you check out this link.

What you can do right now is find a tree company and ask them if they would be willing to drop off a log or two that is 5 - 6 feet in length and yes, you'll need to pay them a little, and probably no more than $ 10 or $ 20 bucks.

You will NOT be disappointed with what you can do with these logs.

I remember the first time I carried my log around my back yard! My entire back was struggling like NEVER before, it was amazing! After a few weeks of our wrestlers carrying these logs they were developing takedown strength and speed like never before.

The mental toughness benefits were amazing as well. The struggle to go through these carries through a hilly back yard tested them mentally, and because they had no option except to carry the log without dropping, they carried over this "never quit" attitude to their wrestling.

And yesm we had our Football players training with logs as well. Funny thing is, those same 2 guys who were using our logs received more than their share of awards after this past season.

One received Defensive Lineman of the year for his team, the other received 10 or so awards, including 2nd team all state and MVP Fall Athlete for his school! Beasts I tell ya!

Time for you to call your local tree company and get some logs!

Get your Ancient Training DVD asap!

Check out this crazy video!

In strength,

Zach Even - Esh