Wednesday, January 10, 2007

He was on House Arrest

All he wanted to do was get back in shape.

But, he had a lot of issues from his past.

Seriously, this dude had been locked up and was in recovery for countless drugs.

I knew that the best way to get him back on track was to create a fitness program that was spiritual in nature, one that created fitness from the INSIDE - OUT.

If you become addicted to fitness, if it becomes your lifestyle, then you will never feel "right" unless you train at least every other day.

This was my goal with this dude.I wanted to get him into the "habit" for a solid month. I gave him homework assignments to do at home.

Why at home?

It's called HOUSE ARREST!

Yep, the internet is an easy way for people to get a hold of me and word travels around the world in 10 minutes or less on the internet!

So, my good friend Alwyn Cosgrove has told me from day 1, "Pay it forward".

So when I got the e mail from this guy I decided this was the time,And that I was going to make it work.He had no weights, at least no barbells or dumbbells, but he was desperate.

I asked him about his backyard, he told me there were stones in front of the garden of all shapes and sizes, and there were trees with thick branches as well.

Great, I knew I could bring my jungle gym - -

I would throw the Jungle Gym over the branches for push ups, pull ups and pikes

The stones would be used any way possible. I didn't know just how many different sized stones were there, but when I got there I was in heaven!

Heaven for me, possibly hell for this guy looking to have me bring him back to life.

I had him working deadlifts on the stones, military presses, overhead walks, zercher carries and even burpees!He did bear crawls around his back yard, walking lunges, pull ups on branches and the jungle gym and lots of push ups.

Every week I gave him a sheet with calisthenics and daily reps assigned to them, every week the reps increased.

The last week of the month the reps were cut in half to give him a break.I knew that with his addictive personality too much time away from anything would have him back to focusing on the WRONG things.

Every day he did pull ups, push ups and squats.

And now......To be continued..........

Dedicated to your success,

Zach Even - Esh

PS - This is exactly how our "No Rules" Training Manual came to life.
I remembered my days at the old, dingy YMCA, and I knew what I could do if I was seriously without "equipment".

Now you can know just how powerful this stuff really is.

Go to and see what I am talking about!