Friday, December 08, 2006

Start Moving like an animal

I just interviewed Jon Hinds for MMA Experts and we spoke hevaily on his natural training methods. It got us into chatting about an OLD video I have of Rickson Gracie when he was very young.

The tape is poor quality at best, but I can still make out a lot of cool training he does.

Rickson's warm up is pretty strange at first as I watch him moving around like a Monkey. Now, it all makes sense to me!

The various rolls, the free arm movements, the crawling and walking on hands and feet.....

He trained LIKE an animal and he performed and dominated like one as well!

This animalistic training is what I use while at the wrestling clubs - we NEVER have any gym equipment so we move like wild animals. Movement is the key when performing these movements.....

walking push ups, alligator crawls, bear crawls, hand walking, wheel barrow's amazingly powerful stuff. You can even use the combat partner drills we use in The Underground Strength kit.

This is why you'll often find me training outdoors, using picnic tables, poles for climbing, tree logs and more. The freedom allows me to move and experiment without restriction...

picnic tables - hand walking with feet on bench, going all the way around the table!

poles of swings sets - climb up the pole, perform some pull ups and leg raises, climb back down

tree logs - carrying, squats, lunges, shoulder squats and lunges

Train like an animal and soon your possibillities become endless!

Dedicated to your success,

Zach Even - Esh

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sometimes You Need a Break

Sometimes the body is just too beat up to keep getting "under the bar".

I'm at that stage right now so I'm going lighter than normal and using more bodyweight, bands and med balls.

I'm also still doing complexes with various objects using light to moderate weights - these feel great and don't beat me up as badly as deadlifting 400 - 500 lbs on a regular basis!

This is where YOU become the master of your own body.

This also takes SERIOUS discipline. As a combat athlete, all we ever wnat to do is smash through pain barriers and refuse to quit.

Training smarter will outdo those who ONLY train harder!

So when you're feeling the need to back off a bit then go with the flow and see what your body wants and follow suit.

Maybe it's bodyweight only, maybe it's a long walk through the park dragging only a light sled.

Maybe it's a circuit at the local playground, who knows, only You know!

You'll come back stronger and in better shape than you were before! Those who continue to push when their body says not to will end up injured, bruised and beaten.

Master your body, and while doing so always strive to master the mind. When both mind and body work together you transform yourself into a much more deadly weapon!

You're not so deadly when you're always exhausted, are you?

Dedicated to your success,

Zach Even - Esh

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Your unlimited potential!

Using your own body for training is amazing. Your options are truly limitless. The rules are what you make them.

You can add simple tools to bodyweight such as med balls, the power wheel or weighted back packs to intensify your movements.

I love the D balls, which I snagged off my buddy Jason Ferruggia when he closed down his gym!

Sometimes you get tired of getting under heavy weights and need the break. So you do like I do....

Create furious circuits that are short in duration yet keep you moving. Movement is critical when you train as opposed to doing things in one spot!

Check out this circuit I did for 4 rounds:

1A) 40 lb d Ball: burpee + close grip push up + shoulder x 10 reps

1B) mixed grip pull ups x 8 - 10 reps

1C) squat jumps

1D) lunge jumps

This workout was blasted through in barely over 10 minutes and it was a tough one. There was little to no rest after each round.

What can you do with your body? Have you ever gone to the playground and started creating a workout with the monkey bars, the playground equipment, the benches, the picnic tables, the trees?!?!

Let your body move freely and allow your mind to open up to more movement. Strength is not just about deadlifting heavy. Strength is your ability to also move your body efficiently through various activities.

Bruce Lee said it best when he said, "Be like water".

You can not be so rigid in training. Being rigid in training is a sign of rigidness in life. This never works to your advantage. instead, mold your training into something that gives you more freedom.

It all starts from within.

Dedicated to your success,

Zach Even - Esh

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ancient Training Methods Review!

Wow, check out this review I found of my DVD - CD set, Ancient Training Methods.

This review was found at

Here's what Mad Dog has to say about mt first 'Underground' DVD:

This is a fantastic alternative to a gym membership. Zach Even - Esh has hit the nail on the head when it comes to strength training for combat sports. In the past I've trained like a bodybuilder for strength leading up to a fight. After seeing this DVD and listening to what Zach has to say I've had to revamp my training.

The basic premise behind Ancient Training Methods is that doing weights, and training like a body builder builds mass but not functional strength for combative sports. Zach's workouts are purely functional, and are designed to build speed, power and strength for the fighter, and they do.

The whole beauty of Zach's style of training is that you don't need an expensive gym membership to train. Just some simple back yard tools and items, such as: a log, tyre, sand bag (duffel bag filled with sand), and a sledge hammer (yeah you heard right).

Right now I can see your mind browsing through the vast array of equipment at your local gym, and asking yourself, "How can I get a full body workout without all this". The truth is, you can, and they results will be alot more significant in terms of strength and power than what you'd get at your local gym.

Using the items mentioned above Zach's training pushes the use of functional movements where a group of muscle will be worked rather than targeting individual muscles, as bodybuilders do. Targeting a specific muscle alone, such as in using machine weights actually weakens the body for combative sports. Zach's approach uses the whole body in synergistic movement's as we would in real life combat situations.

Originally Zach trained as a bodybuilder, but found he received alot of injuries as a result. Changing to his functional strength strong man style training he became alot stronger and injury free.

Some of the training Zach covers is:

Tyre dragging. doesn't sound like much but you can have a full body workout using this.Tyre flipping. This is a great exercise for overall strength. Similar to a Romanian deadlift in movement but you also have the pushing factor as you finish the flip. So your working your lower body and upper body on the upward lift, then chest ,shoulders and triceps at the finish of the movement.Sandbag training.

This is great for anybody that wrestles, even boxers and kickboxers that need to clinch. The sand bag is an awkward weight forcing the whole body to engage the weight.Log training. This I've found great for strengthening myself for stand up clinch work, Roman Greco style and MMA clinch work.Sledge hammer training. With the sledge hammer Zach has you hammering away at an old tyre with high reps. This build overall endurance and strength.

If you're into weights or need to be a bit stronger in your fighting style then this DVD CD set is an investment. You'll actually save money buying it, because you'll realize that you don't even need that expensive gym membership. Double thumbs up Zach, good work!

Zach's DVD/CD set is available at


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Zach Even - Esh

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