Friday, July 06, 2007

Wrestling, Wrestling, WRESTLING!

Lots of wrestling NEWS here this week:

On Saturday, July 28th, 10 AM EST, I will be LIVE on the air with Takedown Radio!

Make sure you tune in and listen LIVE! Who knows what they'll be grilling me on but I'll be telling it like it is so don't miss it!

Mark your calendars NOW!


One SERIOUS line up of GREATS!

I won't cry though, unfortunately I can not make it, but if you can make your way to this star studded event to be held in Tx., you are a VERY lucky person!

Check this out:

My buddy, Mike Fry, organizing this event and we chatted on the phone about what's gonna happen at this seminar.

With my new gym it's tough to leave, plus, leaving my baby girl isn't easy either!


The Underground Kettlebell Seminar that is being held at The USC Gym on Saturday, July 14th, sold out in less than 2 weeks!

Because of this, and all the follow up inquiries I keep getting, I will hold ANOTHER Underground KB Seminar somewhere around mid August for those who missed out.

Next time, you need to sign up ASAP and take advantage of the early bird special!

Feel free to post comments if you plan to attend the next KB Seminar in Mid August.


Until the next time,

stay tough & have an awesome weekend!

Coach Zach

PS - Enjoy the next UFC fights tomorrow night!
The line up truly is "stacked"!

PPS - If you want a jump start on how we train our combat athletes, go HERE Now!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

UFC Fighter Goes Underground!

Sean Sherk, a BEAST in the UFC and UFC Lightweight World Champion knows that making training as tough as possible is critical.

Even if you're not a fighter, you can still train like a fighter to derive the awesome physical and mental edge that come as a result of training like a Gladiator.

I don't think you need to train at the local fancy health club where 90% or more of your exercises allow you to sit down and lay down.

Come on, do you consider that a workout?

Let's get a heavy barbell, some stones, bodyweight and a sledge hammer and start training like REAL Men should train!

I've seen countless business men subscribe to a tough physical training regime to help them become dominant players in their business.

A fat, weak, buisness man is no match for a confident, energetic, physically strong business man. Do you see where I'm going with this?

I know you are starting to see the light, it makes perfect sense when you think about it.

This is also why many top CEO's have former military background's.

Check out how The "Muscle Shark" Sherk takes his Underground training to the gym to get in phenomenal shape!

Now, if you want to train like "The Muscle Shark", you have one option, get your ass over to

Until the next time,

train like an ANIMAL!


PS - You don't even need a gym to train Underground. You can do a lot of this stuff at home, at the local park / playground and in your garage or basement.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The End.....

I was at the park today, strolling with my daughter, and man, the weather was BEAUTIFUL!

A cool breeze, no humidity and tons of sunshine.


There were countless people walking and talking on their phone!

Very few were running, jogging or walking and focused entirely on their own being, enjoying the outdoors and loving life.

Instead, we've got people who can not handle being disconnected.

The end of civilzation, could it be? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa

People need to stop feeling the need to over-communicate, I mean come on....

there's even dudes who sit on the bowl and have to chat on their cell....

I KNOW you've probably heard this yourself when entering a public bathroom at least once in your life!

We were fine before cell phones, we didn't need to talk to everyone all the time, and often times, you're just on the phone wasting time tlaking about nonsense.

It's quite often I'm ready to ditch my cell phone out the window as I drive on the highway, I know those 18 wheelers will give it a good ass kicking :)

No joke, these cell phone lovers are the people who could use a hard core dose of Underground Training, maybe even an Underground Boot Camp!

The fresh air, the physical exertion, it's a necessity for all humans, and I've said it before but I'll say it again....

Man was meant to be strong!

So what the heck, get out there and train at the playground...

here's a nice list of exercises to choose from:

push ups, pull ups, hand walking on the monkey bars, inverted sit ups, jumping onto picnic tables, picnic table presses, step ups onto the picnic bench, walking lunges and sprints.

Are you telling me the above movements won't offer a tough, result producing work out? You're RGHT if you KNOW they'll make you work! Test it for yourself and try all the movements above for a circuit of 20 minutes with as many rounds as possible.

ditch your phone and get busy!

--Coach Zach--