Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Your obligation is to be________

You have an obligation to be strong, period!

man, woman....we're ALL supposed to be fit and strong, yet most people get hurt stepping out of their car or reaching for the top shelf....come on!!

How do you get stronger?

First, understand that exercise is hard work, results come from intense efforts, not wimpy workouts that require no sweat and no effort.

Like our CrossFit Underground Camps - we rock the house in 30 minutes. Yep, just 30 minutes!

We get done in 30 minutes what takes others over an hour!

I see the gym next door, people on their phone, they even stop benching mid way into their set to answer the phone! What the %$#@! - cell phones are NOt allowed at The Underground Strength Coach Gymnasium!

Hard work and sweat are always welcome :)

This is our obligation - to be strong.

Need help?

have you focused daily on push ups, pull ups and bodyweight squats?

I feel people should be able to do 10 pull ups, 50 push ups and 50 squats - all in a row, no matter your weight.

If you can't do a pull up, we have one or two issues:

1) you're too weak

2) you're too fat

3) you're both

Fix the problem by taking action.

Let's get in the face of weakness, laziness and obesity and kick some ass.

I recently met a very driven young man determined to become strong, lean and confident.

All his life he was overweight, weak and always picked on - Now he's on a mission to carve himself into a granite hard Gladiator!

I know he'll do it.

He has fire in his eyes!

Do you have fire in your eyes?

If you're in the Middlesex County, NJ area, prove it here.

Stay strong and get stronger!


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Only Calisthenics - All Hype or Can it Work?

Some people will only perform calisthenics.

Some people will never touch barbells or dumbbells.

Some people believe you hit a wall eventually when you don't allow yourself to get under the bar.

Jon Hinds would wipe the mat up with my face if we grappled, and Jon never touches a barbell or dumbbell. Sometimes he uses Russian Kettlebells.

He uses a lot of D Balls, performs tons of climbing / pulling on ropes and poles and of course uses LifeLine bands.

When Jon and I get together on November 3rd and 4th it's gonna be madness I tell you :)

Jon will bring his A game to the seminar and so will I.

Our philosophy of natural movements are very much the same, except I do a lot of heavy barbell work combined with the bodyweight movements.

Jon's angle on Natural training is going to floor you - push ups, pull ups, squats - these are all very basic exercises that many tout as being the greatest calisthenic movements, but Jon has boat loads on new angles that come with these movements, and if you're beat up and banged up from years of training or maybe just from incorrect training, you need to see this.

The center beam in my gym is inspired by Jon's Monkey Bar Gymnasium - rings, ropes, thick handled pull up handles....and next we'll be getting a rope from the wall to the beam! Inspired by you know who!

Imagine what you'll be able to do with your own training and / or the training of your clients after learning our most effective methods?

I've traveled across the country to see and hear specific Coaches speak and I've called and e mailed other top Coaches thousands of times, all in an effort to learn more and improve myself.

The results of my clients depends on what I know and they are limited by what I do NOT know.

What about you?

Do you know everything?

Or, do you truly know enough?

We've already got people flying in from the west coast, the carolinas,'s filling up quickly :)

I can't wait to learn from Jon....I'll be utilizing all his methods asap with my own athletes and clients.

Saturday Jonny is on, Sunday, we're both gonna unleash our methods in program design and how we use the odd objects and implements.

Jon and I always hear people saying, "I wish I knew this back when I was....."

Well, now is your time to take action and stop procrastinating. It's also time to live without regrets.

I know you'll take action, maybe now....maybe later.


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The Shadow of Death.....

Ancient Gladiators they were....

Roaming strong and mighty, people feared them....

More people respected them because of their dominant physical strength.....

So I figured what the hell, might as well start training like Gladiators...

- train outside

- use your natural surroundings

- No machines

- Odd Objects

- Plenty of Calisthenics

- Focus on heavy Training and Incomplete Recoveries

Who ever said Gladiators trained like this anyway?

Well, if they were kicking everyone's ass they certainly weren't taking it easy, resting a lot, and confining themselves to limited movements.

It's ironic though, that even after so many new products, Ancient Training Methods for Modern Day Gladiators is still the most popular product!

Who would have known!

Simple will always be effective, but I never confuse simple with easy, and neither should you!

Until the next time,

stay strong!


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