Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What's new is old

It’s me again, but I had to tell you how awesome these short workouts are going! I’m just as busy as you are, we’re all busy, but that’s no excuse to slack.


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After training a group of 5 guys and seeing them bust their humps through a tough workout of sleds, sprints, weighted pull ups, push ups and heavy lunges – I was motivated to skip my planned rest day and get busy!

When I have large groups or teams to train, I use the methods and tools you’ll find here at http://combatgrappler.com/ancient.html - this is ‘Underground’ training in it’s purest form. Homemade equipment or cheap tools from the local hardware store. The results speak for themselves as you’ll see when you take a look at the success stories.


Here’s what I did in a VERY short amount of time:

Using my 1 pood kettlebell attached to a weight belt, I went back to back with overhand pull ups, dropped straight into belt squats and then walked over and cranked out parallel bar dips.

Pull ups got 2 – 6 reps and dips got 5 – 10 reps. Squats got 15 every set.

I didn’t go to fatigue at all. Instead I focused on being explosive and barely resting. I used this loaded circuit for about 7 or 8 sets, I didn’t even count, I just went for it.

After that I mixed in tons of bodyweight leg training: skater squats, pistols, lunge jumps and 1 legged reaches. All training was done barefoot. I threw in more pull ups, dips and various push ups as well: hindu push ups, med ball push ups and finger tip push ups.

Go out there and give it a try!


Zach Even - Esh
The Underground Strength Coach

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Always Learning!!

I am thoroughly exhausted after a long weekend in Philly! But, this was an awesome weekend! It was our East Coast Kettlebell Conference - Jason C Brown, Pamela MacElree, Jeff Martone and Steve Cotter were in the house and I was amped up to be presenting along side such notable Coaches!

I was floored by all the new and innovative methods that they all presented! I already began implementing a lot of the challenging bodyweight moves that Steve Cotter demonstrated and I warmed up today with hand to hand (H 2 H) kettlebell training.

When you hear the phrase "You should master all bodyweight movements before progressing to loaded training", you often think of the basics of pull ups, push ups, a movements, squats and lunges.

Steve Cotter blew this perception out of the water with all his "animal" based movements!


You know I love tearing up the park and playground for workouts, so let's go for it with this beautiful weather!Try training at the park near the jungle gym, this way you have access to pull up bars. Be ready to work your upper and lower body like never before my friend, I'm gonna put you through the paces here.

First, warm up as you like. Once you're warmed up it's time to rock n' roll. No specific sets and reps here, I'm suggesting you free flow and let your body dictate what happens while you train.

Simply flow from one movement to the next. Perhaps in the order listed below, perhaps you've got other things planed as you begin training:

1. hand walking on monkey bars, pull ups when you reach the end, drop down into....

2. hindu push ups (finger tips for extra challenge)

3. pistols

4. inch worms (walk hands out in front, inch your feet up, walk hands out, repeat.)

5. jump onto picnic table, drop off landing in squat (repeat for 5 - 10 reps), last rep hold the bottom of the squat for 1 minute

6. hanging windshield wipers (legs are up and move side to side like a windshield wiper)

7. agility running - start running and jumping over objects, between trees, etc. - run hard for about 1 minuterepeat the moves above for 15 minutes.

Your finisher portion will be with a light sandbag doing some kettlebell inspired moves, except only using a small sandbag. I have put together some small sandbags using military tool bags.

Check army - navy stores and e bay for these.Perform the movements below in a circuit, give yourself a 15 minute time limit to get as much work done as possible.

1. Turkish get up (one handed or zercher position with both arms)

2. windmill

3. burpee + push up + 2 arm snatch

4. 2 hand swings

You might be wondering how you'll be able to perform windmills and Turkish get ups with a sandbag but trust me, it can be done! The bag needs to be the appropriate weight and size.

I use a small 50 lb bag.On the swings I grab the bag tightly on both sides and perform a regular swing motion.On windmills I sometimes hold the straps and sometimes just place the bag right in my hand.

The burpee / push up / snatch is done with 2 hands, but some of you might be up for doing this movement with only one arm!

If you're new to this style of training, break part 1 and 2 down into two separate workouts. Either morning / evening or two separate days!Keep it underground til' the next time!


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Coach Zach
The Underground Strength Coach

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