Friday, January 04, 2008

The Combat Complex Video

Many people have asked me about my "Combat Complex" w/Kettlebells.

Below is that video, used with a 70 LB Kettlebell.

Here's the Combat Complex in Detail:

1. 1 arm snatch x 5

2. 1 arm clean & press x 5

3. 2 hand squat x 10

4. 2 hand lunge x 5 each

5. 1 arm high pull x 5

6. 1 arm row x 5

7. 2 hand swing x 10

This is a brutal complex!

Start light and build up in weight.

Good luck, this is a toughy but more than physical readiness it requires mental toughness.

There is NO Quitting!

Check out our hard hitting, power packed 'Kettlebells for Combat' Kit at the link below:

Stay strong!



Blogger John said...


Thanks for sharing this. The workout is so fast and efficient, it's amazing. I'll be using it from now on.

John D.
Aurora, IL

10:13 AM  

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