Saturday, August 18, 2007

Strength Tales from a Tire Yard

Very soon.....
You'll learn some of the hard hitting strength secrets I picked up after my buddy and I tried testing our strength at a tire yard. This is not to be missed, besides it's FREE :)
Ya gotta love FREE stuff, I know you do :)

There's a FREE report waiting for you HERE.

I am not telling you to buy anything,

I'm telling you to snag the FREE report First :)

You've got nothing to lose!

Enjoy it!

I know you will love these special reports, I was excited and amped up just writing about these!



P.S. - Check it out, it's here:

P.P.S. - Not only will you get tips on how to make your own grip training tools that develop awesome strength, you will also get some of my favorite strength methods that build serious grip AND full body strength.
You're about to get the best of both worlds!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What the heck is Natural - Underground Training?

On November 3 and 4,

Jon Hinds of Monkey Bar Gymnasium and myself, will be putting together an event unlike any "fitness" seminar you have ever experienced.

Instead, we will be going back in time, giivng you the experience of "Physical Culture", when fitness TRULY existed and people were molding their bodies instead of just building useless muscles.

This is going to be a full blown weekend event, Saturday and Sunday.
You will experience Jon's Natural training methods and then we'll take a full day to cover implement training and more gymnastics type movements and animal based bodyweight movements.

I have been so impressed with Jon every time we chat it really blows my mind when he tells me about the training they use at his gym out in Madison, Wisconsin.

You'll find out exactly what I'm talking about on that weekend inNovember, and I'll be side by side with you going through Jon's portion of the seminar.

We are limiting the attendance to 25 as you'll see when you visit the seminar page here:

If you bring a buddy you'll get an even bigger early bird discount.

We did this because we know a lot of people love to come with a friend or colleague so this helps you save more money, whichI know you love :)

The hotel info and travel arrangements are all on the seminar page.

If you're planning to fly in from afar, head to Newark - Liberty airport which is 25 minutes away from Edison, NJ.

Looking forward to seeing you at the first ever Natural - Underground Seminar!



PS - feel free to post questions here on the blog if you have any!