Friday, October 19, 2007

Training in Russia

The Eastern European countries have always had a tremendous impact on the way I train as well as the way I train others.

I watch the video below and could only dream of finding such a playground in the states. It won't happen.

I've seen kids unable to hold onto monkey bars because the only thing they've been trained to hold onto is a play station or cell phone.

Yep, this is a rant, I'm pretty fired up with the state of physical fitness, specifically in young kids.

I have run into kids that I used to know who were tremendous athletes, and now they play NO sports, they lock themselves in their bedroom to sit on the computer.

I'm changing things at The Underground Strength Gymnasium....

I used to NEVER allow middle school athletes into our program, but now I do. And the training is HARD, no reason to be easy or baby these kids. We're preparing just as the Eastern Bloc countries did decades ago (and still today).

The foundation is being developed early on.

I have also eliminated open enrollment in my Underground Boot Camps. It's back to invite only because I have had countless men walk into the gym and talk how they will join the program yet they never do. Those who do, can barely make it through a warm up of 2 rounds with bodyweight squats, push ups and recline rows.

Underground camps will now be application only, and there will be a contract lasting until the goal is reached or, if I used bad judgement to accept you, you'll be removed from the program.

We simply don't have time for half assers and wimps. It's not acceptable to be a man and be weak - the two do NOT go hand in hand.

Undertand that what you're about to see is NOT for everyone. Just as our training is certainly not for everyone.

Life has a top 3 %, and those people in the top 3 % are always willing and ready to do the extras required fr greatness, the others are satisfied with mediocrity.

Enjoy the video, it's time you do something with this information, I know you agree, the real test is what will you actually do about it!

The training you are witnessing in the video above will be covered in depth at The Natural - Underground Seminar as well.

If you're an athlete, parent or coach, you can't afford to miss this amazing opportunity to learn the secrets required to transform athletes from ordinary to extraordinary.

Choose the road less traveled!


P.S. - two spots remain available at The Natural - Underground Seminar. I hope you are the one who acts before space is closed!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

5 Reasons You'll be Shocked

People have e mailed me a lot about The Natural - Underground Seminar coming up quickly on November 3rd and 4th.

It's easier to answer questions here on my Blog, for everyone to read.

Plus, to be honest, I get exhausted hearing from people who say they want to do this or that yet neve rfollow through.

It's called integrity, so if that's you, then do what you say you're going to do, it's quite simple.

Why will you be shocked at The Natural - Underground Seminar?

I have 5 reasons / answers for you:

1) Jon Hinds is going to totally take you out of your comfort zone with training that attacks your weak areas and he will show you exactly how to bring your body back into a balanced state. Injuries, weak points, pain in your body - discover the secrets to bringing yourself back into a healthy state, once and for all!

Be ready to feel "weak" when you are first exposed to these Rogue fitness methods, but be prepared to make progress in strength and power faster than you have ever experienced before.

You can't argue with a guy who was dunking a basketball with his elbow touching rim all through the power of bodyweight and band training!

2) You will learn training methods that are NOT spoken about in books, ceritification seminars and other main stream fitness seminars. We are NOT using main stream methods but our results are phenomenal and can be used on anyone!

3) Discover the power of alternative training methods - no fancy equipment needed, just an open mind and an open space. You will see first hand what happens at The Underground and how we train athletes.

We take skinny, weak and under-developed athletes and transform them all into strong, powerful, explosive, extremely conditioned athletes.

Jon has utilized his Natural training methods on people of all ages and all levels.

You'll get to hear how Jon trains athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB and everyone in between!

4) This will be a VERY private, small, hands on seminar. You will not be lost in a crowd of 40, 50 or 100 people. There will be less than 20 participants allowed and there is only 4 spaces left as I type this letter.

5) This may never happen again. Jon and I are BUSY! We've been talking about doing this since the first day we began chatting. Finding time to travel with our schedules is becoming insane on a good day. When and where will the next Natural - Underground Seminar be?

Who knows? We sure as heck don't, and that's why you need to decide if you're gonna finally do something for yourself.

Check out the latest clip of Jon and one of his clients. Jon has over half his gym doing this, and that includes the people over 60 years young!

Until the next time,

stay strong!

Zach Even - Esh

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Steve Cotter Kettlebell Seminar..

Today Steve Cotter held a Kettlebell seminar at The Underground.

Ironically, my First Ever KB seminar was taught by Steve.

Steve has always been instrumental in my own methods and what I teach others.

You can't argue with his success either. If you've ever seen him perform, you're in for a treat!

The funny thing is, today we learned only 5 movements.

Yep, that's not a typo, 5 movements!

Most people would be in shock, but not me.

Strength is a skill, we must refine that skill over and over again, practicing to perfection, as opposed to practicing countless movements in mediocrity.

Would you encourage others or expect mediocrity of yourself?

I didn't think you would.

This happened in a similar fashion at a Kettlebell seminar I taught.

We learned countless movements, and when we discussed program design, I said flat out, "We learned nearly 100 exercises today, but, for the most part, we use 2 movements with the kettlebells"

1) The clean & press

2) The swing

Ask anyone who is very strong, and they'll tell you that they stick to a select few number of movements because it is those BIG movements that produce the most powerful results and never fail to do so either.

Look at the training logs at - very basic, same movements with slight variations repeated over and over again, yet these are some of the strongest powerlifters in the world.

I've used the basic movements with variations myself - I simply change the tools.

I'll be cutting through the hype and going straight to the meat and potatoes at the Natural Underground Seminar.

Come see for yourself, we've only got 4 spots left, after that, we have to shut the doors.

Till the next time,


P.S. - Don't let the door slam shut in your face, sign up now.

Question for you?

I am going to be putting together an article compilation on the power of the barbell, the King of the weight room.

It will be posted at

If you want to show us your best information while getting recognition for what you do, then you're in.

Oh, and of course, this has to be top quality stuff, don't send in any garbage, we want powerful stuff here.

Here's what you do:

Answer this question:

If you only had a barbell, what would your workout look like and how would you train.

Inlude the following points below:

* No bodyweight exercises, just a barbell, no power rack, no bench, nothing but a barbell and as much weight as you want.*

Send us a word document to

* include action photos *

Give us 3 sample workouts with exact sets / reps

* include your name at the end and any other important info you want everyone to know (web site, blog, business, location, etc.)

Looking forward to seeing some heavy hitting stuff!

The due date is on October 31st.

Get busy!


P.S. - If you don't have any action pics, feel free to just an e mail with your 3 workouts and a bi line about yourself at the end!