Saturday, January 27, 2007

My FREE gift for You

FREE Underground Kettlebell audio gift

here's a gift from me to you, just a little taste of what you'll experience at

I think you'll dig this below :)

I have a great audio training on some of my Underground methods to improve strength endurance with loaded tension.

Even if you are not a member yet you can listen to this audio at no cost (hey, I'ma nice guy after all :)


In this 9-minute audio I will show you somegreat ways to use kettlebells to:

--> Blow up your strength endurance so that you'll never run out of gas...

--> Develop an strong as iron core strength that can survive any kind of punishment!

--> Create crushing grip strength that rivals old school strong men...

--> Develop amazing lung power with this killer kettlebell circuit!

--> And some other great kettlebell training tips you must heear...


I hope that you enjoy this audio and I hope that you have what it takes to try the workout I describe in this audio.

Train hard,

--Zach Even-Esh

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PPS - Feel free to send this to any friends who might be interested!

Thanks in advance :)