Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mental Toughness Secrets

Man, sometimes you just don't have the energy to do what you gotta do, whether it's a physical activity or mostly mental activity, or, as is the case most times, it is both physical AND mental....you just aren't feeling it.

You're head is pounding, your body feels asleep, all you wanna do is lay down and watch TV.

Well, the mentally tough have their habits alligned with their goals, they do not act or live in a way that slows them down, steers them away or lessens the sight of their BIG goal.

What does this mean?

Quite simply, everything they do is bringing them one step closer to their goal, they do not allow themselves to be sidetracked or derailed.

Yesterday, I was training a group of Football athletes.....

Two of these boys also play Baseball.....

Four total in a group....

One of our guys had a monster headache, I saw his eyes squinting every time he moved under a weight, he was having trouble focusing.....

The baseball guys were banged up from the late games and practices that have been ongoing for the past few months.....

All of these guys are focused on constant improvement and climbing to the top of their game....

Tired, injured, beat up, headaches, family stress.....they all threw it out the window....

The heavy deadlifts didn't get lighter, none of them did less sets or reps, instead, they broke their past records in the deadlift!

Then, we hit the brutal sleds.....

When they were almost half way through I asked if they wanted to cut a set short, their heads lifted immediately and they eyed me like I was insane (Yes, I am insane, but that's not the point here :) ...

They quickly and aggressivey said, "Hell NO!!"

Off they went, grabbed the sleds and tore it up one more time!

Anyone else could have quit and convinced themselves they were too weak, too tired, too run down....

Not these kids, they're mentally tough and physically tough, they're focused like lasers on their goals and refuse to derail.

I guess it all comes down to mind over matter
If you don't mind, It don't matter!
Until the next time,
keep kicking ass and stay tough!
Dedicated to your success,
Coach Zach
PS - I know some people say that when it comes to mental toughness, you either have it or you don't.....I agree to a slight extent, but I KNOW and have seen how our athletes develop greater physical and mental toughness through our training. Coach Ethan Reeve speaks of this in great detail during his interrogation in The Underground Strength Kit. I would check it out, people can't stop raving about it!
Look what Nii Wilson of NYC has to say about The Underground Strength Kit....
"Hey Zach,Your Underground Strength Kit is off the HOOK!!!
While I am writing this email I just saw a lumber & construction yard I never knew existed in my neighborhood.
20 minutes later....I just made 2, 50LB sandbags filled with 'blue stone'....the cost was $5.00
zip ties ($11)
duck tape ($3)
heavy duty canvas tool bag ($15)
contracting bag ($12 per box)
My total cost (supplies included) was less than $50 for 2, 50lb sandbags filled with blue stone & 1 carpenter tool bag filled with 25lbs of sand.
Having your athletes win....PRICELESS!
I have a fighter getting ready for a fight. I don't know if he knows what's in store for him...but screw it...ADAPT AND OVERCOME... The soldiers motto.
Thanks for your passion, dedication, and your quality info products.
Yours in Health & Performance,
Nii Wilson